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Waldorf Learning Journey | English


There is something

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Waldorf Learning Journey

The World Waldorf Camp China visits the Georgenhof.



This summer, 2018, the Georgenhof awaits international visitors. From China (Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai) a group of children, parents and adults come to Überlingen-Bambergen on Lake Constance for a family holiday. After visiting Berlin, their stay at the Georgenhof is the second leg of their journey to Germany. The purpose of the journey is that these Chinese families can learn from-, and experience Waldorf education through a variety of activities, by involvement, so that they can take away know-how and skills into their Chinese family lives.


The Family Retreat at the Georgenhof is a pilot project of the World Waldorf Camp in cooperation with the China Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). The focus for the participating families is on experiencing and being inspired by the prospects of Waldorf education.

The Georgenhof has been working for many years on the basis of Rudolf Steiner's Waldorf- and curative pedagogy with children and young people who especially require intensified and supportive life- and learning support. Georgenhof provides a safe and protective beautiful environment for them for nurturing their individual development, as well as fostering their self-activation.
The concern of World Waldorf Camp is it to internationalize and make contemporary Waldorf education internationally accessible. This is highly supported by the Georgenhof, which is pleased, as an experienced actor, to offer infrastructure, space, expertise and time to families from China with the intention to provide helpful accents and suggestions.


This first collaboration between the World Waldorf Camp and the Georgenhof is designed with the perspective of a long-term and mutually fruitful cooperation between East and West.
The Georgenhof is very happy about this new opportunity and welcomes the long-distance- travelled guests!





Hand, Herz und Kopf

Denken, Fühlen und Wollen

What is the World Waldorf Camp?


World Waldorf Camp (WWC) is an international non-profit organization based in Shanghai, which has set itself the object of making Waldorf education in China vividly and contemporarily accessible, thus: create experience with Waldorf (education). Founded in 2009 by young Waldorf graduates, the World Waldorf Camp is the only Waldorf organization in China that operates on an international scale and is involved with Waldorf initiatives worldwide. Collaborations take place in Germany, Holland, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Russia, among others.


The World Waldorf Camp stands for a diverse program that enables children, teenagers and parents to enjoy international travel, summer vacations, experiential (age-appropriately adventurous) excursions, artistic and musical exchange, all intended to come in touch with the vast worldwide diversity of what Waldorf education offers.



Waldorf education in China should inspire the concern of a holistic educational approach. Learning with all senses (rather than single-, and one-sided cognitive intellectual advancement), adopting age- appropriate knowledge assignments in the head, with the hand, and with the heart, thus, where thinking, and feeling and willing is likewise stimulated and developed.


Through an education approach, that takes human beings as their reference point, children can develop into self-confident, creative, compassionate and fully educated and thinking personalities with a sense of human and therefore social and environmental responsibility.


The program Georgenhof Family Retreat 2018


During the family retreat from the 17th to the 23rd of August 2018, we developed in cooperation with World Waldorf Camp an opulent program full of varieties for our guests. There are on-site activities at the Georgenhof such as the Original Play, eurythmy, playing music together and singing, working in the garden and adventure-educational experiential education activities, and much more, as well as day- trips to enjoy the charming landscape and comprehend the rich cultural history of the Lake Constance region.


A detailed program can be found here.